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Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas - James Patterson Let me preface this review by saying that I am generally not a huge fan of romance novels or overly sappy, angsty novels. I generally go for suspense or sci-fi/fantasy. That being said:This is one of my favorite books. I've read it more than once and it makes me cry every time. It's not the greatest writing and it's sometimes cheesy but I still love it. The plot was compelling and kept me wondering until the very end. It's sappy and very sweet while still offering a little bit of a mystery. I don't know - maybe it's being the mom of two very young children but this story just touches me every time I read it. Don't expect to be reading a great work of fiction here. However, if you go into it expecting a light, easy and emotional read you should be content.