Cherie Reads

Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy  - Richelle Mead I had a sort of love/hate relationship with this book. I did an awful lot of eye rolling due to stupid actions of the characters and cheesy dialogue. I didn't enjoy the writing style all that much - it was not very sophisticated writing. I didn't really care for the main character, Rose. She struck me as a very cliche rebellious teen. However, despite all of those things, i found myself unable to put this book down. For whatever reason, I enjoyed the plot and wanted to find out what would happen next. There was a lot of gossip and a whole lot of teenage drama - but then, this is a YA book and was meant to be relatable to teens. Personally, I think teens are capable of appreciating a higher level of writing than was offered in this book but for pure entertainment it fits the bill. I debated about whether to give this 2 or 3 stars. In the end I decided on 3 because I enjoyed it enough that I will probably pick up the next in the series at some point.