Cherie Reads

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, Book 1)

Moon Called - Patricia Briggs Despite the ridiculous cover, I really enjoyed this book. I loved Mercy - she was tough but not ridiculously so. She still had some vulnerability about her. The secondary characters were also developed and really rounded out the story. The plot revolves around the kidnapping of the local Alpha's daughter and the book actually sticks to this track rather than becoming secondary to the protagonist's love life as in so many other books. I liked that everything did not revolve around sex like in so many paranormal books recently. There are love interests but she doesn't jump into bed with the first (or or any) guy who is good-looking. We get a lot of info about paranormal creatures (werewolf pack behavior, vampire seethes, fae, etc) that helps to move along the plot but I suspect it will also come into play throughout the story. The one thing I did not really like was the resolution to the mystery. The reasoning seemed weak and a little convoluted to me. Overall very enjoyable and I look forward to the second in the series.