Cherie Reads

The List

The List - Siobhan Vivian The premise of this book is that each year before Homecoming a list is posted with the prettiest and ugliest girl in each grade. The book is told in chapters from the POV of each of the 8 girls. In general I liked this book. I felt for each of the characters, good and bad. It portrayed all the angst of teenage girls - fitting in, first boyfriends, pressure to look like a girl in a magazine, being an athlete, being an outcast, etc - with all of the heartbreak and elation of real life. I thought the story brought to light a version of bullying that is more prevalent than people think and can be just as harmful as physical or verbal abuse. I was disappointed that the book didn't go into more depth for each of the girls. It was just long enough to give us a peek at each of them and their various issues but was not long enough to give a satisfying resolution. The ending was somewhat abrupt and left me wondering what happened throughout the rest of the school year.Overall this was a good read and I would recommend to anyone interested in books dealing with bullying or wanting to relive their high school days.