Cherie Reads

Illuminate: A Gilded Wings Novel, Book One

Illuminate - Aimee Agresti Overall I enjoyed this book. A girl and two classmates are chosen for an exclusive internship at an up-and-coming hotel. Everyone there is beautiful and talented but something is just not right. I thought the idea was original and generally well written. The dialogue was genuine and felt realistic to the age of the characters. The main character was likeable and I enjoyed the supporting cast as well - or hated them in the case of the "bad guys." The reason I did not give this book a higher rating is because it was very drawn out and there were some inconsistencies that bothered me. There were entire scenes in this book that were not necessary and other scenes that could have been much shorter and still have moved the story along. Because of this the book felt very drawn out in places. This did not need to be a 500+ page book. It could have been significantly shorter while still telling the story, setting the scene and developing the characters.Some things just did not make sense to me. For example, Dante being an angel. Haven and Lance were orphans but Dante was not as far as we know so how could he be an angel? Maybe this will be answered as the series continues. Also, why would the members of the Outfit be working at a hotel? Some of them are famous models and artists. Why would they be working the front desk or helping customers instead of fulfilling whatever wish they sold their souls for? All in all I really enjoyed this despite it's failings and am looking forward to the next in the series.