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Odd Is on Our Side (Graphic Novel)

Odd Is on Our Side (Graphic Novel) - Fred Van Lente, Queenie Chan, Dean Koontz I was very disappointed in this book. I had heard a lot of good things about it from friends and family and the idea of the book sounded intriguing. Unfortunately, things just did not come together in a way that held my interest. I liked Odd and Stormy and really the entire cast of characters. I loved that they were all a little (or a lot) quirky and had distinct personalities. I liked the paranormal aspect of the book as well. What I did not like was the pacing. This book has some short scenes of action or at least plot progress followed by some very looooong scenes of nothing happening. I was so bored in some parts that I had to really force myself to keep going. If I did not need this book for a challenge I would have abandoned it.