Cherie Reads

Ready Player One: A Novel

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline What a fantastic read! A billionaire and 1980's obsessed video game designer dies and his will states that the first person to find the "easter egg" hidden inside his virtual world will be his sole heir. Thousands of people make it their mission to be the first to solve the riddles and inherit the fortune. Having been born in 1979 and spending my early childhood during the 80's, much of the pop culture referenced throughout this book was familiar to me. It was a fun ride through my earliest decade. At the same time, this was an amazing look at modern technology and video games (virtual reality in particular) and is a history lesson for fans of video games. The quest to find the Easter Egg mirrors the quests from my favorite video games of today. On it's surface this book is full of action, bad guys, good guys, a little romance. Underneath, this book is a look at what happens when people throw reality away in favor of a virtual existence. It's also a look at relationships. What makes us like someone? How much can we trust the persona that someone shows us online? It's a look at greed and how money can be a blessing and a curse. It's a commentary on where our society is heading (or already is?).I enjoyed Wade and his supporting cast. They were all fleshed out enough to make them believable and each had distinct personalities which were sometimes unexpected. The only thing I wish is that the "real" world had been fleshed out some more. It wasn't necessary for this story and the book is not missing anything without the extra information. I'm just curious as a reader how things got the way they did. Who is in power and why? How did things deteriorate so far? Some of these questions are alluded to but I would love to read more about this world. Maybe another book? In my opinion, that's the mark of a great author. He makes me want to know more and read more about the world he created. Highly recommended! If this author continues writing, I'll continue reading his work.