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Piercing the Fold (Book 1)

Piercing the Fold  - Venessa Kimball Not really my cuppa. This is sci-fi with a heavy leaning toward Christian fiction. The premise is interesting: wormholes lead to other worlds - one good and one bad. Jesca is a "Guardian" who is aligned with the good world and tasked with protecting earth from the baddies from the other world. It sounded interesting and the premise is completely original but I just didn't get into this one. There were long scenes of info-dumping where Jesca is learning about everything going on. These are sit down scenes with another character where everything is spelled out. Necessary to the plot but not all that interesting to read. Much of it is scientific which, on the one hand adds to the authenticity of the story, but on the other hand makes it kinda boring. I was very disappointed in the characters. There was almost no character development at all. At least, in terms of their personality and emotions. They all develop physically as a part of the storyline but all of the characters fall flat. I didn't really connect with any of them. There were also some general things with this book that bothered me. Most of the book is written from Jesca's perspective but there are a couple of scenes where other characters are the focus. I found this really jarring and thought it took away from the flow. There were also a ton of annoying grammatical errors! Lots of misspellings, incorrect punctuation and misuse of words - their instead of they're, for example. In small doses I can overlook these things, but there were so many of them that I found it extremely distracting. This book could benefit from some major editing. All in all, this just was not for me. Others may love this and find if fascinating but I'll be skipping the rest of this series.