Cherie Reads

Love's Providence

Love's Providence - Jennifer H. Westall I enjoyed this one. Anytime I see the word "Christian" attached to a book I cringe a little. That's a personal thing because I grew up attending a very strict Baptist church that followed the Bible in a very literal sense. I many times find that when things are labeled Christian it's because the content is generally not relateable to those outside the Christian faith. Not so with Love's Providence.I think the author really did a fantastic job of writing characters of faith and strong convictions and showing their struggles in a very genuine way. The situations are authentic and are similar to situations I myself faced when I was in college. Lily's struggles are honest and real. Nothing here is sugar coated and although there is a happy ending, the characters take quite a journey to get there. The author does a really great job of fleshing out the characters and giving insight to their thoughts and actions. I loved Lily. She has strong values and stands up for them and yet, nothing here sounded "preachy." As for the plot, although never boring, I thought it was a little slow at times. The first half of the book is about Lily meeting Alex and getting to know him. There is some action and a little bit of mystery in the second half of the book and the pace picked up a bit. This was a pretty quick read for me so the pacing wasn't really a huge issue for me. I give this 3 stars because I enjoyed it but it's not the type of book I will read again or would recommend to everyone. Fans of Christian Fiction and clean romance will love this and would probably rate it even higher. This was a wonderful debut from Ms. Westall and I would be interested in reading more from her in the future.