Cherie Reads

Eve and Adam

Eve & Adam - Michael  Grant, Katherine Applegate What if we had the power to create our own perfect person? Is there such a thing as too perfect? Do the ends justify the means? Is unethical experimentation worth the benefit that could result?On the surface this is the story of Eve and Solo and their discovery of their past and the truth about their families. The story is exciting and kept me reading just one more chapter. I enjoyed the characters - Solo in particular. I loved how he was strong but still had a vulnerability about him. Underneath, this book touches the surface of issues of medical research and ethics in a way that is accessible to younger readers. There's enough science to make you wonder what if but not so much that it's boring or over your head.Overall, this book was both exciting and thought provoking. I think it's written well for the target audience. As an adult reader I would have loved to see this book delve even more deeply into the medical issues touched upon and would have loved to read more about what happened next.