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Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Just Isn't Good Enough

Beyond Ordinary - Justin  Davis, Trisha   Davis Firstly, this book is out of my usual comfort zone. I generally don't read a lot of non-fiction and almost never read self-help books. I also don't read many Christian books but I really liked the idea of reading about marriage from both sides - male and female - so, when I had the opportunity to read for review I took it. I'm glad I did. The book is written by a husband and wife, Justin and Trisha. Each chapter starts with a story from their life starting with how they met and then moving on through marriage and children. Within each chapter, Justin and Trisha each write from their own perspective what was going on with them during that time. These personal stories are all tied to a specific theme and are illustrated by a Biblical story and verses. The book speaks about honesty and intimacy and forgiveness and many other themes essential to a marriage. The personal stories are honest and poignant and sometimes funny. The Biblical verses and stories are relevant and the whole thing is inspiring. The overriding message of this book is that in order to have an extraordinary relationship with your spouse, you must have an open and honest relationship with God first and foremost. When you have a truly intimate relationship with God, an extraordinary relationship with your spouse can be within reach. Granted, this is not a book for everyone. If you are not or are not interested in becoming Christian, you probably won't like this book. This is not a book that mentions God here or there. This is really a book about relationships with God and readers should be aware of that before picking it up. However, for those of us who are Christian or who are not shy about exploring Christianity, this is really a fantastic book for couples to read together. It's very well written and is unique in that it offers both the man and the woman's perspective. Although it focuses on marriage, this would also be great for couples in serious committed relationships as well as all of these concepts can apply to any couple willing to put effort into their relationship. Note: I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my review. All opinions are honest and are 100% my own.