Cherie Reads


Exhale - Jennifer Snyder I loved everything about this book. It's sweet and heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful. The author has a way of writing emotion into a scene that shoots straight to your heart and makes you feel what her characters feel. It's hard to talk too much about the plot without giving things away, especially since this is a fairly short book - 135 pages on my e-reader. The plot moves along nicely and relationships develop quickly but in a realistic way since we become familiar with the dynamic and history of these characters early on in the book. Then there is one event that changes everything. This is not an action packed book or one filled with drama in the form of arguments and breakups. Instead, it's a book about giving in to your emotions and then learning to live with the consequences. It's about grief and how learning to live with it means something different for each of us. It's about allowing yourself to acknowledge and feel your emotions and let go of grief and regret and open yourself to happiness and new beginnings. The book really struck a chord with me. The writing is fantastic. For those of you reading the book description and cringing at the possibility of a love triangle, please give this book a chance. There is a triangle but it is not typical YA romance and I promise you will not regret reading this one.