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Review: Nightbird by Alice Hoffman

Nightbird - Alice Hoffman

This was a really sweet book about the power of friendship and about being yourself.  The story itself is reminiscent of old fables and fairy tales with a witch and a curse and a boy with wings, but is set in present day which makes this book very accessible to young readers.  The writing is fantastic and draws you into the story right from the start.  I loved Twig and how smart she was.  You can really feel how lonely she is before Julia moves in next door.  The friendship that develops between the two will ring true to Middle Grade readers.  There's a hint of romance as well, which female readers will love, but nothing inappropriate for the age group.  I suspect this book will appeal more to female readers in general.  The main friendship is between two girls, the main character is a girl, and there's really not enough action to satisfy many of the boys I know.

Overall, I really enjoyed this modern fairy tale and loved that female friendships were portrayed in a very healthy way.  Middle Grade readers looking for something with a hint of magic will enjoy this one.


Note: I received a copy of this book for free via the publisher in exchange for my honest review.