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Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire

First of all, if you haven't read my review of Beautiful Disaster, you can find it here.  I devoured that book despite some cringe-worthy behavior from both of the main characters.  The first paragraph of my review of Beautiful Disaster:


     "I am so torn about this book. As others have noted, this book is like crack - or maybe a bad car accident. There are so many horrible things going on but you just cannot help but keep watching - or reading - and despite ridiculous actions on the part of the main characters I just could not help but go back for more. I found myself totally and completely enthralled by Abby and Travis."

I could open this review by making exactly the same statement - but I expected that since this is really a retelling of the same story through the eyes of a different character.  While Beautiful Disaster is told by Abby, Travis tells the story from his perspective in Walking Disaster.   I predict that this book will get one of two reactions.  People who loved Beautiful Disaster will love this book and people who did not like Beautiful Disaster will dislike this book even more than they did that one.  I am one of the former; I loved this book.

The opening scene had me in tears.  Right from the get-go.  My husband looked at me like I was crazy for crying over a book but I just couldn't help it (he's not a reader - he just doesn't understand). That opening scene does a fantastic job of helping the reader understand Travis.  It helps explain a lot about his personality and motivations and also helps to round out the characterizations of his father and brothers.


"When you're not there, I can't concentrate.  I'm wondering where you are, what you're doing...if you're there and I can see you, I can focus.  I know it's crazy but that's how it is. "
"And crazy is exactly the way I like it," she said, leaning up to kiss my lips.

That quote is what their relationship is in a nutshell.  Abby and Travis really are a disaster together.  Their relationship is characterized by a crazy mix of obsessive behavior, anger, sexual tension and elation.  If the relationship were a person I would say that it was bi-polar.  Travis has some major anger issues and has a habit of punching people (not women) and destroying things when angry.  As I said in my review of Beautiful Disaster, if Abby were my daughter, I would tell her to run far, far away from Travis.  The difference in this book is that we get to see more of why the way Travis is the way he is.  Why he reacts the way he does.  There's more going on inside that boy's head than is apparent when reading the first book. 

Those of you who have not read the first book are in a great position.  You can choose to read the book from either Abby's or Travis's point of view.  Or, the best option might be to read the two together.  In fact, I would love to have these two books combined into one merged edition where we read both POV's intertwined together.

Overall, this is another 4 star read for me.  I really love Abby and Travis and even though I knew what was going to happen, I still couldn't  put the book down.  I loved getting inside Travis's head and seeing Abby through his eyes.  This is a must read for fans of volatile relationships and fans of the first book.