Cherie Reads


Unwind - Neal Shusterman This is one of the most disturbing yet compelling books I've read in a long time. Many others have provided reviews that explain much better than I can why it's so compelling so I won't go into too much detail but here are a couple of my thoughts. There are a number of issues being explored here. First and most obviously is the pro-choice/pro-life debate. No matter which side you're on this book provides some food for thought. Second is the issue of parental involvement with their children. What if parents could sign over their troubled or unwanted teens? What if parents of newborns could leave them on someone else's doorstep making them legally responsible for them? Third, when does a person become a "person?" When are we given or do we develop a soul?There are so many other issues explored in this book as well. It does not preach. It is not blatantly religious. It poses the questions for the reader to ponder while also telling the compelling story of three kids scheduled to be "unwound." One scene in particular really affected me - the description of someone being unwound. It is written with tact and is not gory but is heartbreaking and difficult to read. Highly recommended.