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Defending Jacob: A Novel

Defending Jacob - William Landay This book was really fantastic. It's both a legal thriller and a family drama - all rolled up into this complex story that I had a very hard time putting down. What if your child was accused of a murder? Would you support them regardless of the evidence presented? How would your partner react? These are questions you cannot help but to ask yourself as you read. The character progression throughout the story is honest and well written as is the entire family dynamic. The pacing of this story is impeccable. The interspersion of the grand jury testimony throughout the book keeps you wondering where everything is leading to in the end and highlights important sequences in the story. The suspense builds to a surprising climax that is both disturbing yet makes you wonder - what would you do?I am no lawyer or even all that familiar with the legal system outside of what I see on tv but the legal sequences - which make up a fair portion of the book - seem truthfully written and are compelling. Highly recommended!