Cherie Reads

6 Seconds of Life

6 Seconds of Life - Tonya Fitzharris Wow! This was a really intense and gut-wrenching read dealing with depression and suicide. It made me want to cry, made me want to shake the main character, made me want to scream at her parents, made me want to punch out her supposed friend. An author who can make me feel so strongly is doing something right in my opinion.Maura has just jumped from a bridge in an attempt at suicide. Told in snippets that start in high school and end in college, we see glimpses of the major events that have shaped Maura's life and brought her to rock bottom. There are large gaps in time which may be jarring to some readers, but I found that it enhanced the feeling that Maura is falling and we're just seeing those moments that flash before her eyes. Maura is one of the best-written characters I've come across in a long time. She is an utterly damaged person. She has a severe lack of self-esteem and crippling depression that overshadow her relationships with every person she meets. She acknowledges that her life is a disaster but has no idea how to make things right. Her attempts to improve her life are really just cries for help. She becomes obsessive and jealous about her boyfriend. She becomes a borderline alcoholic to loosen up and have fun. Despite her desire to form normal relationships and fit in, she continues to spiral out of control to the point where she feels she has nothing left anymore and the world would be a better place without her. This was really quite an amazing and intimate look at a person struggling with their own self-worth.As for the plot, I found it absolutely compelling. I knew where things were going to end. I'm not giving anything away when I tell you that she jumps. But throughout, I just kept hoping that something would change for her. From one event to the next I wanted more.This was a very well-written and compelling read. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for realistic fiction that doesn't mind subject matter that's a little bit dark.